Thursday, April 10, 2014

Summer Adventure: Bluewaters Resort

Went out with my impulsive family for a beach getaway. You might be wondering why I call them impulsive, well it is because they've decided to have this beach overnight the moment I woke up that morning. Anyway, we went to Bluewaters Resort in Samal Island and the place was awesome.

So here's some photos I got during the trip:


They have two pools and pretty cozy rooms to stay at. Another unexpected happening during that time was the fireworks! If you are from Davao City, you might know why I get excited about seeing fireworks but if your not, well fireworks are not allowed in our city. Unfortunately, I don't have photos because I was so fascinated by it and forgot to bring my itouch and was not able to move during that show, so. Unexpected and unplanned getaways really are memorable! 

Before I end this post, let me leave you a lot of selfies!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer Adventure: Isla Reta

Sunblock lotions, bikinis and sunglasses are some of the things that suddenly enter our mind when summer comes around. I'm not really a beach person, I do not really like staying under the sun and I do not have to go tan since I have a naturally morena (or tan) skin. But my fear of being grilled by the sun seems to be weak because my slightly outgoing self suddenly showed up and convinced my total being to go and indulge the beach. First stop on my summer adventure, Isla Reta. 

    The place was unexpectedly wonderful. I love how far it is from the city which makes it a good place for relaxation. The goers can choose on bringing their own tent or rent a room from the resort. Since we chose to feel a little bit more adventurous, we chose to stay in a tent. 

Here are some of the stolen photos I loved from the trip. As you can see, I am not wearing a bikini, well I am not that confident to do so. I am all bloated and unprepared for this trip so no beach body for me. Will soon do some workout for the future though, I hope I can really pull myself together for that plan. 

 This fun-filled summer adventure will not be as fun as it should be without these people. I must say that I am not really close to some of them, yet the slight bonding moments we had showed how witty, cool and open they are for new experiences. 

fun people +  cool place = a good formula for an amazing summer adventure

*grabbed these photos from Karla and MJ*